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  • Season Ticket deadline extended
    12,000 already sold deadline extended till 2nd May:

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  • Memries of Preston Part 3
    Saturday 28th April will be our third meeting with the Lilywhites this season. We last met on a freezing cold January (27th) day in the fourth round of the FA Cup where a single Billy Sharp penalty goal settled the tie.

    I’ve previously visited our history with Preston in ‘Memries of Preston’ and...

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  • Woody OUT
    WWF OUT!!!!!! Read more »
  • Chesterfield takeover

    If this happened I think there’d be a fair chance Deane would take the reigns as manager. Would be interesting to see how he gets on.

    Danny04Danny04 - any truth to this? Read more »
  • Ryan Leonard
    Hi Blades fans.

    You seem to have adapted very well to life in the championship.

    Just wondered how our former midfielder "Lenny" is getting on. Seen a few games on sky and he hasn' t been too involved.

    Just wondered what your thoughts are?

    Tbf we all thought that we would miss him, but one of youth Dru Yearwood has filled his boots and looks an amazing prospect at 18 years of age. Seems to have it all. Strange quirk of fate really.

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  • Forum Football
    Seeing as the previous pinned thread was in 'General Blades Chat' - posting it in here

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  • Saturday's attendance
    No idea what it might be. Will hazard a guess and say 25,432. Don't expect Preston to bring many. Has the feeling of an anti-climax but it's the last home game of the season, sun will be shining and beer flowing. We'll play a lot more freely now the pressure is off. That's the way it always works. Was going to make Birmingham last Saturday my last match of the season but now Saturday is drawing nearer I like the idea of one last outing of the season. Read more »
  • Is Mitchell doing a good job?
    Mitchell joined us in July 2016 but was probably actually working with our new manager a little before then.

    This is a list of signings since that summer when Wilder joined together with estimated or reported transfer fees:

    Duffy Free (f)
    Hussey (Undislosed-u)
    Wilson (defender) (f)
    Wright (f)
    Fleck (f)
    O'Connell (u)
    Clarke (u)
    Moore (u/ 500k)
    Lavery (u)
    Reece-Brown (f)
    Carruthers (u)
    Lafferty (u)
    Hanson (u)
    Baldock (650k)
    C.Evans (500k)
    Stevens (700k)
    Vickers loan
    Thomas (290k)

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  • Delusion overdrive!
    I'm honestly struggling for word!

    Head pig, Barry Bannan has suggested that the Pigs could easily be in Wolves position had they had a full strength side all season!!

    This same full strength side got hammered 4-2 in their back garden by a pub team,

    What are they drinking over there? They can't honestly believe this bullshit....

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