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A round up of the latest posts from Sheffield United forums


  • Did our best not to win today
    A decent riposte to the performance in midweek, but surely the way to defend an always precarious 2 goal lead is to maintain the press ... not drop deeper, and give the oppo extra yards to play in, man for man?

    From about 25 mins left, 2-0 up, the talk around us was that we were positively inviting them to make it 2-2. With Wilder’s approval, it seemed. David Mac’s goal was the best goal of the game, and on balance we deserved the win. But jeez, we did our best not to. Read more »
  • United 3 Preston 2 - report
    The Blades got back to winning ways after a dramatic victory over Preston North End at Bramall Lane meaning it has been a defeat, a draw and a victory in a week. It has been a real mixed bag of performances for United. Today; the home side improved from the really disappointing performance against Birmingham and edged in front in a largely eventless first half with a Billy Sharp’s poachers’ goal. An extremely negative Preston side offered little to nothing in reply and it was quite...

    United 3 Preston 2 - report Read more »
  • Gary Sinclair on the Naughty Step
    Tweet from Danny Hall
    "CW apologised to Steve Bruce and Villa for comments on the tannoy at the end of the first half. ‘We’re not an arrogant club and I’ll deal with that. I apologised on behalf of Sheffield United.” Read more »
  • Who else was unable to get there today???
    I knew it was going to be busy today so i set off early from just outside Huddersfield. A 12 45 start would normally get me to my parking spot just off St Mary s Gate by 1 30.
    At 1 15 I hit the tailback of traffic at the Prince of Wales turnoff on the Parkway. By 2 40 I had barely got beyond The Midland station. Here Id been stationary for over ten minutes. By this time I realised my parking spot would be long gone and finding another be a long and pointless task. So reluctantly I did a U...

    Who else was unable to get there today??? Read more »
  • Song for Fleck - borrowed
    I know Fleck has a song but not everyone can get tuned in to it.

    Heard a Donny fan mention this song on P or G and I believe they use it for Marquis.

    But our version is better and the words are actually true.

    To the tune of Da do Ron Ron

    Who's the best player in the football league
    It's you Jon Jon Jon
    It's you Jon Jon

    Hopefully you're not all gonna tell me it's shit/been rejected before/sung about some shit Wednesday player... Read more »
  • Weird week for United...
    Drew a game we arguably should have lost (certainly would have last season), a clean sheet and a late winner. That'll ding dang do for me!

    UTB Read more »
  • Last Man Standing 18/19 - Game 2 (21st September)
    Right folks, Game 1 done and dusted, well done to boo radleyboo radley for retaining his title, surely not 3 in a row :eek:

    Off we go with Game 2, as usual, the entry fee is £10 with 30% of the pot going to [​IMG]@Foxy and...

    Last Man Standing 18/19 - Game 2 (21st September) Read more »
  • Stevens
    Some of you may remember me slagging off Stevens last year and rightly so. Said he needed to grow some bollocks and take on a man and put a ball in the box. Must of been reading this forum since August cause he’s doing exactly that. Made up for him. Read more »
  • McGoldrick
    I haven't been to any of the 2 games he's featured in but after reading Shields report on him just now in the Star he's surely a shoe in for signing? Mr Shield made him sound like a class performer that was at times 'irresitible' was he really this good? Like to hear from those that have seen both games. Read more »
  • View From Preston

    Read more »


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