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  • 2019/2020 Kit Mega Thread
    Cos international break. Who's ITK this year? Read more »
  • The Sue Smith Hall of Footballing Ignorance
    Is now open and accepting nominations for the season ahead. As the media spotlight on SUFC intensifies expect the platitudes, nonsense and general fuckwittery to rise exponentially. Pundits, oppo managers and tired hack journalists alike who can turn a cliche like 'Sheffield', 'honest triers', 'hard to beat', 'gritty', 'workmanlike' etc. all are welcome here. Name and shame. If Garth Crooks isn't here by the end of August I will be amazed. Read more »
  • Has Wilder been found out?
    Managing in the Sunday league, or in Leagues 1 and 2, is very different to managing in the Championship. Could it be that he simply hasn't got the chops - in either man management or transfer management terms - to manage a club of our size in the second tier? Did he think it would be as easy as making sure that everyone drinks beer together and that a great bunch of lads with team spirit would be able to hold their own? Did he imagine that a rigid wage structure would enhance the espirit... Has Wilder been found out? Read more »
  • Atleast it's the Euros next summer!!
    Im on my arse with boredom already, and the seasons only just finished!!! Please buy someone Chris lad, or atleast dangle us a few carrots! And, can the jury just hurry up and tell Kev to pay for the Prince's ticket back to sand land please. There's just not enough happening!! Read more »
  • That tackle tho
    Worth another look,think it was described as"cemented" View attachment 54213 Read more »
  • 7 new rules next season - Good or Bad? All good except number 3 as far as I’m concerned. Read more »
  • Premier League Finances - Club-by-club
    Interesting article in the Guardian showing a club-by-club financial breakdown. Huddersfield have the lowest wage bill at £63m per annum. Really is an eye opener to how much money it takes to run a PL club. But also how much revenue comes with it: EDIT - just noticed these are last season's accounts. New article though Read more »
  • De Gea says "No".
    So, hes turned down manc poo's offer of a new deal!, where does this leave Henderson we may ask?? Read more »
  • John Lundstam to shine
    I have a feeling we will see a lot more of JL next season. He is looking fit and strong which we will definitely need. Despite what a lot think, he can play a bit too. Read more »
  • Transfer Budget
    Just a quick one and apologies if posted elsewhere but is Wilder on record anywhere stating he has been given a budget to work with and he is happy? I’m becoming increasingly concerned that this court case is becoming messier than imagined and has the potential to drag on if there is an appeal, potentially derailing our recruitment plans and allowing our rivals to steal a march on us. Read more »


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