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  • Billy Sharp: From Ball Boy to Captain
    The Bladey Bladeness is off the scale! ⚽⚔️♥️ Read more »
  • Can we make it bigger?
    When, (not if), we go up to the Prem at the end of this season, can we get started please on making our ground bigger? I want that two tier kop with standing in the lower section and I want the South Stand (where I sit) to be extended to be bigger than the main stand at Elland Road. Ground Capacity not less than 40,000. I’m only mentioning it now because if we’re going to do it in summer we need to be getting brickies out for a quote now as all the good ones are booked up months in... Can we make it bigger? Read more »
  • Confess your unpopular opinions regarding SUFC
    Everyone has at least one I reckon which goes against the tide, not looking for a debate about the issues themselves but interested what people come up with. I'll start: I think Kevin Blackwell was an excellent manager for us That'll take some beating! Read more »
  • Hull fans really don't like the Blades
    Well at least the two I overheard discussing our promotion chances in crystal peaks. "Not proper yorkshire" "North midlands" "Above their station" Then something about Shakespeare - seeminly reference to use of thee etc. Went on to say that they hope they end our promotion chances at the end of april Read more »
  • 40k To Wembley
    This as been niggling me for years since the pigs done it but could we ever take that many to Wembley I know loads were part timers but do we have the part time fan base to take 40k I’m sure I read somewhere we struggled with 34k for the Huddersfield game. Read more »
  • 2019/20 Season Tickets - Early Bird Information
    Out: What do we think? View attachment 51134 View attachment 51135 View attachment 51136 Read more »
  • Alleged racism by a Sheffield United Ladies player
    As if this weekend can't get any worse for SUFC: https://cartilagefreecaptain.sbnati...&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true Read more »
  • Billy Sharp - New banner for the Kop
    View attachment 49715 He was born and raised a Blade. He just loves scoring goals, especially in front of the Shoreham Kop. He is Billy Sharp and we want to pay homage to this legend by erecting a large banner in his name on the Kop at Bramall Lane. We are currently in contact with the Club about sizing and positioning. An initial position has been identified (as shown in the photo). With the help of both you and the club, let’s make this vision a reality. Long-term, the aim is to... Billy Sharp - New banner for the Kop Read more »
  • Fan Survey - Home Advantage
    Hi everyone, My name’s Tom and I’m currently studying a masters degree in Sports Psychology in Newcastle with the hope in becoming an applied Sports Psychologist in a football setting. For my thesis I am looking into the home advantage in football and how fans view themselves. I was hoping that I could post my questionnaire link here to get as many answers as possible? Please feel free to share far and wide as the more answers I get the better results I get and I have the hope of being... Fan Survey - Home Advantage Read more »
  • Old Photos For No Reason Whatsoever
    Read more »


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