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  • Best Stand: Or rather, is John St any good
    I know this is subjective but thinking of moving from the Kop for various reasons (nothing wrong with where we sit in it's own right). Thinking of moving to John Street as me and the 5 year old. Other than no swearing signs what do people think of it compared with other parts of the ground as its the only one I've not been in (and that weird pukka pie corner)? Read more »
  • Tonight's Championship games..
    ...going well so far.

    Bristol v Fulham 1-1

    Derby v Leeds 1-1

    Ipswich v Cardiff 0-0

    Could do with a goal from Ipswich. Read more »
  • Pre-Match View From Hull Read more »
  • Blackman must be gutted...
    That their late chance, where their bloke nods it across and the striker gets a touch from inside the 6 yard box, was ruled offside.

    Reyt save :)

    Reminiscent of Sunday League when your own keeper appeals for a corner, claiming he got a touch. Read more »
  • Team v Hull
    The headache seems to be; Who drops out for Fleck? (see above vote)

    Moore is back, but I don't think anyone would suggest he goes back in after Blackmans' recent performances.

    Surely just the one change if any then? Read more »
  • Coutts & Fleck
    Behind wondering if we'll score enough goals, my biggest fear this season was whether or not we would be able to manage without Fleck and Coutts.

    Im delighted to say, after some excellent recruitment, it's no longer a concern. Central midfield is now probably our strongest area these days.

    We've gone for years almost exclusively with 1 dimensional midfielders, who offer little, to an abundance of capable options in 2 seasons. Read more »
  • My Champ predictions - how I am doing?
    I like to see how I have done in terms of my predictions made in August and whilst a fair bit of the season is stilll to go I thought I would have a look at how far off I am....

    Full preview below can be found at

    ....but I predicted the following - put comments on how good/bad I am doing!!!

    I have not done that great really!!!

    Red - Miles off - 10 teams
    Green - About right - 10...

    My Champ predictions - how I am doing? Read more »
  • Hull fans protesting
    at our game, as long as they don't try to stop the game like Coventry.

    Read more »
  • The Wilder Rebuild of our Club.
    There is a background to the rebuild and it relates to the ownership of the club. It can affect everything to do with our manager and his plans and that is, as they say, the typical BladeswayBladesway ( anybody heard from him lately? love the man.) to complicate things.

    For this thread I ask you to assume the status-quo as regards budgets, likely future budgets and ownership.

    I ask you to offer a considered response to my question: Are we on the right tracks to develop the club as...

    The Wilder Rebuild of our Club. Read more »
  • Jam tonight
    Always slightly preferred Moore but Jamal had another outstanding game today. There was one very powerful header when it was 2-1 that he caught just under the bar. Nine out of ten keepers, including Moore, would have tipped it over but Blackman just plucked it and went down. He's not the finished product but he has tremendous athletic ability, reminds me of Petr Cech. Moore is solid though. Great dilemma to have but I'd be tempted to keep Jam in the shirt after Moore's suspension. Without...

    Jam tonight Read more »


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