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A round up of the latest posts from Sheffield United forums


  • Dean Henderson.. Our chances increased?

    I think Dean is already not far off Pickford level, but if Man U are looking elsewhere... Read more »
  • 'He's one of our own' book
    Blades and Bladettes, hopefully by now you've heard about my book on Chris Wilder's SUFC revolution, ingeniously titled 'He's one of our own' (I know, I had to really dig deep to come up with that one). The first thread was sidetracked a little and with kind permission from FoxyFoxy, there are a few updates to share with those few of you that will be interested :D

    So... the book is now available to pre-order via its own dedicated...

    'He's one of our own' book Read more »
  • Jeff King
    seems to have gone unmentioned but I thought it was good to see Jeff King make an appearance at the derby match the other night.

    Judging by the mild round of applause he received I think he’s slipped from memory? From both sets of fans?

    Jeff joined us from Wednesday (I think). Like many others to cross the great divide he was viewed with suspicion at first. But he endeared himself to many of us with his 100% all action battling performances. He was also a bit of an eccentric. I...

    Jeff King Read more »
  • Wendy fan MP concerned about crushing at Bramall Lane.

    Clive Betts...

    Utter knob. Read more »
  • Lessons learnt from the season so far
    1) We dominate games, but we cannot not always win them

    2) Tactically I think CW made a mistake in the derby not playing Clarke from the start. We lacked a physical presence and overplayed it on the wings looking for the perfect ball

    3) Re the Duffy replacement, we have found him and his names McGoldrick. If we do have the money then although everyone is talking of Freeman, I still feel that Bradley Dack could do a lot for us.

    4) Re forwards I am sure that a fit...

    Lessons learnt from the season so far Read more »
  • Two goals for Regan Slater
    As Carlisle won 4-0 at Swindon today Read more »
  • Worst away ground for results whilst supporting blades
    Mine has to be Coventry and strongly followed by Forest at my age of 26!
    Jesus I've been to Coventry away three times and seen 3 losses..
    First time in 2006 with Warnock I remember McSheffrey and Adebola tearing us apart. (promotion season I think)
    Second time with Clough at Northamptons ground and I think we lost 1-0 Jim O'brien in an awful game.
    Third time was the worst under Adkins where we lost about 3-1, it was end of the season and alot of fans were angry.

    Forest away I've been three...

    Worst away ground for results whilst supporting blades Read more »
  • Students
    Piss off ,gridlocking the city when there was an extra pint to be had in the Lion and an Pig defeat to wallow in at home after. So many bewildered parents as Tabatha and Benadict carried their duvets in while fat Blokes wearing red and white striped shirts walked past gurning. Good job we won. Read more »
  • United Subbuteo team going free...
    We are clearing out my sons' old toys and found his much loved United Subbuteo team - ah the memories!!

    I can't give them away in East London, so I was wondering if anyone on here wanted them for their kids (or themselves!). Free to a good Blades home.

    I am fully aware that, in a PS4 obsessed world, Subutteo might be more at home in a museum, but I can't bring myself to throw them in the bin.

    Cheers. Read more »
  • Kean Bryan where art thou?
    Keep forgetting about this lad, but seems a shame given that he seems to be have been highly rated and almost somewhat of a coup for us.

    Would genuinely just like to see what he’s like tbh in any game.

    Is he the new James Wallace, Flo Cuvelier?

    Thought I read recently that he was closer to fitness but we’ll see! Read more »


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