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A round up of the latest posts from Sheffield United forums


  • What about the middle?
    Great news on signing the defender Egan. And exciting to hear we are after some quality up front too. But what about the middle of the park?

    No, I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I think that strengthening defence and attack are priorities over the midfield. But, in those few games last season where we were taught a football lesson, it was the midfield of ours that couldn't "lay a glove" on the opposition. We saw this in the first half away at Middlesboro, early on in the...

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  • Striker
    Two good signings in decent striker and I’ll be well chuffed Read more »
  • Foyle Cup
    SUFC have two teams entered in the Foyle Cup in the U12 and U13 age groups this year, the U12 where supposed to kickoff at Leafair Derry at 1pm I later found out their flight times meant they couldn't play at that time, and it was rearranged for 3pm. Unfortunately that clashed with the U13 game so I couldn't get to both, bad start, the U12 managed to start their campaign with a 5-0 win against Letterkenny & District U12 hopefully I will see them in action tomorrow.

    So I had to settle for...

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  • Record signings
    go on then name our last 10. Read more »
  • Other English Teams You Like
    Yep. I'm bored.

    Which teams (if any) other the mighty Blades do you have a soft spot for and why?

    I'll kick us off.

    Spurs - Was a huge Gazza fan growing up and always like how they play

    Everton - Uncle is from just outside Liverpool and I used to go to quite a few matches with him - proper club

    Bradford - One of my first away matches (was about 8 years old) and always remember being sat in a beer garden chatting to their fans, who were dead friendly and playing on...

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  • Who is our longest continious serving player?
    With George Long having recently departed to Hull, since making his debut against Swansea in 2011, without looking have a guess who it might be

    It would be lovely if we had some players who made the grade and stayed with us for a good stretch of time here's hoping :) Read more »
  • Bradley Dack
    Why is he still at Gillingham? Is he a total dick that nobody wants?

    His work rate yesterday was quality, constantly chasing down. Almost plays a free role. He struggled to get on the ball but when he did looked dangerous.

    His style of play would certainly suit us at the minute as a rotation player with Duffy and Carruthers. Maybe even playing off Sharp. Read more »
  • Squad Print.
    View attachment 41728
    This is my Mona Lisa, my sistine chapel, my legacy. :) Alright it isn’t but I’m pretty flippin proud of it.

    Not sure the resolution on here will do it justice so there is a link to my twitter account (@artbianco) below where it’s a little clearer.

    They’ll be on sale very shortly so just thought I’d give you a heads up if you had a birthday coming up and were struggling for pressie ideas :)

    (Also thanks to those that...

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  • John Egan
    Another defender Read more »
  • Coutts.... there it is !
    Link to his appearance tonight on Alan Biggs show.

    Come back soon Sir Paul !! Read more »


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